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New Label for Performance ImproverPosted by AMSOIL, 17th August 2019

Changes Coming to Performance Improver (API)

We are excited to announce that starting at the end of the month, there are changes coming to our P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive. It will now feature a new label, and a capless-compatible bottle. The popular deep-clearing gasoline additive continues to restore the power and performance of engines while increasing fuel economy.


AMSOIL P.i. is a potent gasoline performance improver featuring concentrated detergents that aggressively clean stubborn, power-robbing deposits from injectors, valves and combustion chambers. It reduces emissions and increases fuel economy up to 5.7 percent. P.i. cleans your entire fuel system in one tank of gasoline and restores engine power and performance. Many new vehicles have replaced traditional fuel caps with capless systems. While adding some convenience at the gas pump, the feature can make using fuel additive bottles a challenge. The threads on most bottles are easily hung up and make removing the

bottle difficult. The new P.i. bottle is fully compatible with capless fuel systems.


The product will have the same code (API) and will be the same price. One major change effecting Distributors is that it is corrosive and classified as hazardous. Please refer to the attached SDS for more information. This product will have an updated datasheet which is also attached. You will start to see this on the website in the coming months as this will be a rolling change for the US.


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