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How does AMSOIL packaging protect against product tampering?Posted by Erking Libunao, 17th March 2021

Answer: While instances of product tampering are extremely rare, we take steps to ensure the integrity of AMSOIL products. Depending on package type, we use multiple tamper-resistant safeguards to help prevent tampering and alert customers to potential problems. They are widely used throughout the industry and offer excellent results.

AMSOIL quart bottles use a drop-lock cap that includes a tamper-evident ring, which is industry standard practice in North America. On unopened quarts, the ring is connected to the cap. Opening the cap produces an audible clicking sound, such as you hear when opening a new soda bottle, as the tamper-evident ring breaks free from the cap. If the ring is free from the cap, the bottle has been opened.

Gallon bottles and twin packs use a foil seal under the cap to prevent tampering. AMSOIL easy-packs, fuel additives, antifreeze & coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, firearms products and air tool oil also contain a heat seal. A damaged or removed seal indicates the bottle or easy-pack has been opened.

Five-gallon pails are designed with a collapsible pour spout that nests inside the lid and is covered with a cap. Once the pour spout is extracted, the customer must remove a tearaway plastic insert from inside the pour spout before emptying the pail. If the cap is removed or the spout or plastic insert are damaged/missing, tampering may have occurred. Damage to the pail’s lid may also indicate tampering.

Lubricant drums are sealed with an AMSOIL-branded white cap applied over the bung. Damage to either may be a sign of tampering.

Lubricant totes are sealed with a cap through which a cable is threaded for added security. The pour spout is also sealed with foil. If either is damaged or missing, tampering may have occurred.


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